The album “Eingya" by Helios is very important to me.

A Hair on the Head of John the Baptist" by Saltillo

Little Cup" by Thao & Mirah

Take It Slow" by PFreddy

SO GUYS…THIS GUY…THIS GUUUYYYY is one of my childhood friends.
I’ve known him since I was about 7/8

He’s always been a musical kid, and i’m so glad he kept at it until now, because holy fuck. He’s AMAZING now, well he always has been, but he’s even better now.

So give him a listen and repost or whatever you’re supposed to do with music. And if you send him a message, tell him you were sent by Arielle.
O u O

Everything is in Line" by My Brightest Diamond (ft. DM Stith)

Be Brave" by My Brightest Diamond

The Wolf" by Phildel
from the album ‘Disappearance of the Girl’

Film Burn" by Yppah (ft. Anomie Belle)

It’s Amazing" by Jem

They" by Jem

Candles" by Jon Hopkins

Fulaninha" by Luisa Maita

Smooth Criminal” by J Viewz

Oh Father" by Sia

League of Legends: Get Jinxed

oh buddy wow