New blog?

So I made a non-artblog. Just so I don’t clutter this one too much with random text posts.
Feel free to follow it. I’ll probably answer asks more frequently there. 

So now that I have a tv again, I’ve been watching more of it. But I’m usually only up to watch tv at like 2am. And what’s on at 2am? Three’s Company.
I used to watch that show all the time when I was a kid and I had the hugest crush on Joyce DeWitt.

They’ve only been showing the later seasons of the show, so I decided I’ll just watch it online from the beginning.
Then this shows up, and life is great. I’ve missed watching this show.

how does one get into writing kindle erotica like i want to supplement my income plz help





y’all go to this website, sign up, fill out some tax crap

write about 5000 words of porn or more - 3000 or more also acceptable, but you don’t really want to go under that. don’t tab to indent, i swear to god, it fucks with amazon’s formatting so bad. don’t write any porn that’d send you to jail IRL, amazon naturally (and thank god) doesn’t accept that shit.

on the ‘bookshelf’ tab, you click ‘add new title’, fill out everything, upload a cover - you can get one free image a month (or maybe a week now, i dunno) from if you need some stock images of people’s abs and stuff but can’t put cash down for anything just yet - and amazon has a cover making application built right into the process too to make things easier or if you don’t know shit about photoshop or whatever.

then you upload the document itself. click save and continue. choose how much you want your title to cost - 2.99 is generally what most people price theirs at, because that’s where amazon’s 70 percent royalties starts at. enroll in kindle select if you want that 70 percent royalties to apply to the whole world, so you’re getting the same royalties no matter where you sell.

then you hit publish and wait and wait and wait and wait for amazon to actually publish the fucking thing.

then you wait 60 days after the end of the month to get your royalties! don’t know why, but that’s how amazon rolls.

and you just keep making more and more titles in the meanwhile to build up that income cuz you’re not likely to make a lot from just one title.

there’s no real ‘gatekeepers’ in kindle erotica - you just start writing and publishing and you keep doing it and building up a library. some genres/kinks/niches sell better than others, and trends come and go, but it’s really all up to you - to do the writing, the publishing, the marketing, and then more writing and publishing. you just keep at it, bit by bit. this is a market where it’s really all about quantity… the bigger your library is, the more sales you’ll start to rack up, building like a snowball. even better if you release titles on like a regular schedule. ideally you want to put up like 2 titles a week, but 1 a week is a good initial goal to shoot for.

you can also go to amazon’s author central to set up an author page to get all your titles in one place and help build a reader base/link readers and buyers in general to.

godspeed anon!



adding in my own hmmmmms

… I am seriously considering this. And also considering getting a proper pen name

POLYLE: did you know that you gave me one of the best pieces of art advice?
POLYLE: haha
POLYLE: can you guess what it was?
Arielle: "don't worry no one will notice"

Ok so I caught a really nasty cold/fever after my plane ride. I’ve been drugged up since yesterday. I feel a little better now tho.
Once I’m back to my normal self, we’ll get back to the regular arting. Because Smash and Fantasy Life are coming out really soon and I NEED them.

But for now, I’m gonna go back to sleep.

What is your time zone?

To give me an idea of when it’s best to stream

The universe is trying to tell me something, I’m sure of it…

I just remembered that I can buy my own alcohol again now that I’m back in Aruba.


Maleficent is reminiscing about the past. Her and Aurora were very close, but Maleficent gets a call saying Aurora is terminally ill. Maleficent is completely heart broken. Aurora wants to live out the rest of her life being happy with her, but Maleficent can’t stand the thought of losing her (breaking down every time she sees Aurora) and starts drinking to cope. Aurora gets angry and fed up with Maleficent’s behavior and her non-affectionate ways and runs away from her. Maleficent runs after her realizing that she loves Aurora more than anything and comes to terms with the fact that Aurora is dying. Maleficent learns to show Aurora love before it was too late.


What sites are best for selling art prints?

I’ll need a site that will print it for me, I can’t print and send them myself because Aruba. I hear mixed reviews about Society6. Are there any similar sites tho?

Oh Aruba. I have missed you so.

Some pictures of my new place. I just finished unpacking, and I still need a lot of stuff, like a desk and microwave. But it is ridiculously cozy and loungy, especially now that I have my orange curtains back.
The sun shines right through that window for most of the day and floods the room with orange light. IT’S LIKE I’M LIVING IN AN INSTAGRAM FILTER

I’m borrowing internet from the neighbors for now, so I only have like 1 bar, but it’s good enough for now. I’ll get my own connection by next week.
My little table tho, omg. I’m gonna get little cushions for it so I can eat dinner in front of the tv.

I’M HOME! Safe and sound!
Also my new apartment is super cozy. I’ll take some pictures after I unpack.
Then I need to take a fucking shower holy shit.

What do you guys think of me redrawing/cleaning this up and selling it as a print?

Tell me about Society6 and whether I should use it or not.
Also what kinds of art prints would you like me to make in the future?