My skin color is actually quite a bit fairer than how I draw myself.
But I feel like my drawn self would look so generic if I made it look more accurate :T

Morning after drinking night with the cousins…

And luckily I’m not hungover. But then again, last time it didn’t kick in until a few hours after I woke up so…

It was a lot of fun. There were more people than expected. Still mostly cousins tho. We were 10 in total, who were drinking at least.
We started off with a big dinner. We had to eat in batches because the dining table wasn’t big enough for everyone. During the dinner rotations, some of us were doing karaoke, because what filipino party doesn’t have karaoke.

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My cousins should be getting here in a few hours for our drinking game night.
I’m slightly worried…I just hope I won’t be the first to pass out tonight.

punyhoomans replied to your post: Every time I stay in the shower for to…

Do you read a lot? Whatever your answer is, read more. I don’t know what coin flip decision of destiny led me to be better at words than pictures, but I figure it’s the same kind of deal. Drown your brain in beautiful words, then pick pretty ones that feel good when you…

I’ve always enjoyed reading. I used to enjoy writing too.
Actually I used to enjoy writing a lot. I even posted my stuff on dA way back when. Even got a bit of a following, both online and irl.
The reason I stopped writing is related to something that happened between my 7th and 8th grade English teacher and I.
I’d rather not get into too much detail, but I’ve pretty much actively stayed away from writing since then.

Every time I stay in the shower for too long, I come out wishing I could write.
Because holy hell, the story that just played out in my head would make a really great comic. 

Are there any lesbian clubs here in Baguio?

Dentist appointment #5245284465…

Just to recap…
Sunday: We had a big family dinner. After the dinner, the cousins went out to buy drinks. We all got together and did some shot chasers. Mine were mostly vodka. Stupidly, I challenged my cousin Diane to a drinking contest. The early 20s vs late 20s. She’s hardcore bruh. Needless to say, I got wasted. She kept pouring me shot after shot, by the end of the night I think I’d have downed an entire bottle of vodka.

Monday: Intense hangover. Plus I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon.
I thought I could still try to go, since I didn’t really want to miss seeing her. But holy shit, I could barely keep myself up in the shower while getting ready for the dentist. So I just rescheduled for the next day. My aunt also had an appointment the same day, so she was the one to reschedule for me.

Finally over the hangover. Dentist appointment in the afternoon.
I walk into the dentist office, she sees me and we greet each other then she goes to the back to prepare the chair and stuff. I wait for a bit until she calls me over. I walk in and she’s sitting there.
She gives me this look. A very strong “I know what you did” look.
She smiles and says, “I heard you got wasted the other day.”

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I’ve been on a Jaime Murray binge for the past few days. It hurts so good, I think my insides have turned to mush.

Also, in my drunkenness the other night, I realized that my cousin Diane looks a lot like my dentist. Especially her eyes. This has made things a little awkward for me.
This is the same cousin that kept pouring shot after shot for me. Regrettably, I challenged her to a drinking contest. She’s hardcore. Like…seriously.
Never again am I going out drinking with her.
By the time I was passed out on the floor, she was still going strong. And all that in stripper heels and a slinky red dress. Proud to be related.

Ok nvm the dentist I’ll just go tomorrow.
I could barely keep myself up in the shower without feeling like doubling over and throwing up all over the place.

My cousins got me so drunk last night. I only remember bits and pieces. I’m told pictures were taken. I just hope they don’t post it anywhere.

I’m so hungover right now. I threw up all over the place.
And I have a dentist appointment in an hour.

Yeeeeehhhhhhhhh dem french braids.
Sure it’s pretty messy because my hair’s got a lot of layers in it, but I’d say it’s pretty awesome for a first try, also I’ve at least gotten the technique down.
Also it’s really hard to take a selfie from behind :I
Wish me luck. I’m off to try out a fish tail braid.

Oh also I forgot to tell you guys I got my hair did a few weeks ago.
I got a blonde streak in my bangs. Originally I wanted white, but they ran out of white. So this was the lightest color the had left.

I just learned to french braid my own hair.
You have no idea how badass I feel.

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I stopped watching ep 3 or 4. The squealing ends quick with that show.

You missed this then…

I just started watching Defiance.
The amount of squealing I’ve done during the first episode has probably ripped my throat to shreds. But seriously…Mia Kirshner, Julie Benz, and Jaime Murray.
I can’t handle it. Ugh. 

There is nothing wrong with thinking about beautiful women. Breathing heavily is clearly acceptable as well. Nothing creepy about it ^.^ buuuuuut whose the beautiful ladies you're thinking about? :3

I was thinking about my dentist and realized that she’s not my usual type.
Then I started wondering whether I had a type or not.



I dunno. You tell me.